Remission Ball
promotes cancer healing through sport.


What is Remission Ball?

A Remission Ball promotes cancer healing through sport.

Each Remission Ball symbolizes the hope, health, happiness and courage sports instill in us.  At some time in our life we have played or watched a sport. Sport teaches us discipline, teamwork and dedication. Whether we realize it or not, sports are more than just games.  Sports and their life-lessons impact our character and are helpful during a health crisis. 

On the field we learn how to beat our opponent. In the hospital we learn how to beat our illness. Each Remission Ball represents the life skills sport instilled in us to help us beat cancer. 

About the founder.

Remission Ball started when founder and cancer survivor Alfredo sent a ball to his friend, Ethan, who was in the midst of a battle with cancer. He used the ball to visualize himself getting stronger and stronger. He inspired Alfredo to create Remission Ball so that everyone could draw strength from their own Remission Ball. 

Alfredo now works as a nurse to help heal those fighting their own health battles.

Pass a remission ball to your loved one to to help them beat cancer.



"When I was sick I frequently used meditation and visualization to help me heal. I also drew on my past successes as a soccer player and athlete. I thought about my family and teammates and how much they were cheering for me from the sidelines. I remembered the teamwork, dedication, discipline and hard work it took to be a successful soccer player and transferred those skills to overcome my new cancer challenge with my new (medical) team."

- AA, New York

"I believe in the power of a Remission Ball."

- HG, New Hampshire

"I am a stage 4-B NHL survivor. I have been in remission almost 1 year now. When I was sick, I had no strength at all...My wife bought me a puppy to keep me company and lift my spirits as the prognosis went from days to live to maybe 6 months. The dog wanted to go out so I pushed myself hard to get I started to kick the ball around with "Honey." Today, I am cancer free and "Honey," my golden retriever is an awesome soccer player. Her defense is amazing and she rarely lets me put one in the net. If not for soccer and that dog, I truly believe I would not be here today."

- JF, Connecticut


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