How to use a Remission Ball


Dribble, pass or toss it to your family and friends. Look at the ball and think about what your sport means to you and how it has strengthened you in the past. Know that you embody these positive life attributes. Use them to help you beat cancer. Visualize yourself getting stronger with every throw, kick and catch. Be inspired by the mantras. Inspire your own mantras. Become Remission. 

Friends & Loved ones

When someone you love is sick, you want to do anything in your power to help ease their pain, anxiety and worry. A Remission Ball is the perfect gift to inspire healing. Send a Remission Ball to your loved one to show that you are fighting alongside them.


Webster's Dictionary defines a mantra as:

  1. a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating.
  2. a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone's basic belief.

If you're stuck in a hospital or undergoing treatments that progressively make you weaker- fight back. Grab a Remission Ball and write a mantra on it. Then play with the ball as you visualize yourself healing.  We encourage everyone with a Remission Ball to write a mantra on their ball to help stay motivated, remain inspired and continue to heal.

Here are some of our favorite mantras:

  • I'm stronger today than yesterday, but not as strong as I will be tomorrow. 
  • With every pass I am getting stronger and stronger. 
  • Create your own mantra and write it on the ball to help you feel stronger every day.

Why Give

Cancer arrives, intimidates, and threatens all that is good. That’s why there is the Remission Ball. Cancer may scare, but the patient has the power to fight back. Show cancer that we are stronger than it can ever be. A Remission Ball transcends the idea of strength and healing. It’s both a tangible and symbolic reminder of what sport means to you and how it can help you overcome cancer.

Pay It Forward

You can help others heal. Send a ball to your friend who is going through treatment. Give your own ball to a friend when you're healthy. We're paying it forward by passing remission around the word.